What we prepare for, we become.

We are a public, tuition-free, college-prep school.

Our program is the right balance of rigor and joy to prepare all students for college and life.


High Academic Expectations
High-Quality Instruction
Literacy Focused


Supportive & Loving Environment
Authentic Connections
Character Development

Inspired by Historically Black Colleges & Universities

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are a source of accomplishment and great pride, having graduated so many people who are culturally aware and intellectually sound. The HBCU model of high academic rigor in a supportive learning environment has led to HBCU’s holding 9 of the top 10 colleges slots for producing African American Ph.D. earners. In addition, 70% of African American dentists and physicians and 51% of our nation’s African American public-school teachers received their bachelor’s degrees from Historically Black Colleges.

Becoming Collegiate Academy believes there is something incredibly important about the HBCU experience that must be celebrated, protected, and replicated in our students daily K-12 experience.

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A Place to Belong

The Becoming Collegiate Academy House System provides every student with a teacher-led, supportive peer group to function as a unit of encouragement and accountability. We believe that every child in our community has the right to feel seen, feel safe, be celebrated for the value they personally bring to the whole community, and to be further developed to become the best versions of themselves. Students are afforded 60 minutes daily to foster community through creative tasks, community service activities, and school-wide House competitions.

We Become...


College Graduates


Community Servants


Global Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

A charter school is a public school. No family living within the Duval County Public Schools district pays tuition, and all students - regardless of zip-code, family income, previous achievement, or learning disability - are eligible to attend. Unlike traditional district schools, however, we have autonomy over our budget, our staffing, and curriculum. We can ensure that more of the public funds we receive go directly to the education of our students. We have the autonomy to recruit, develop and retain the very best teachers for our school. We have the capacity to build a curriculum that best fits the unique strengths and needs of the students in our building.
Academy is our way of distinguishing ourselves as a college preparatory school. Becoming Collegiate Academy is excited to serve all students who reside in Jacksonville, Fl.
 We believe that preparation for college begins in kindergarten, therefore we provide a structured and consistent learning environment that leads our youngest learners to success. Becoming follows a slow growth model: we will only serve grade kindergarten students in year one and will add a grade level until we reach full capacity at 5th grade. Following this model allows us to create a well-balanced learning environment of rigor and joy.
We believe Jacksonville has the students and teachers who can courageously and deliberately change the world. While Jacksonville has produced world-changing innovations in music, business, and sports, we have historically underperformed in the education of our children - particularly our low-income minority students. Too often, in Jacksonville and communities across our nation, demography is closely linked to destiny. We believe an excellent education is a civil rights and social justice issue. Becoming Collegiate Academy's goal is to ensure that all of our children have access to a life full of opportunity.
Becoming Collegiate Academy is located at 5258-03 Norwood Ave in the Historic Gateway Town Center.